We, Graham's organising committee, believe that as a full-time Christian worker, Graham's level of remuneration should be adequate and relative to that of others in the secular workplace. The Scriptures teach that 'a labourer is worthy of his hire' and we are confident that if you invite Graham to be with you that you will seek to fulfil your financial obligations with this in view.

Graham and Wanda work by faith, have no set salary and do not charge fees for their ministry.
While we do not presume to ask for any specific level of remuneration, we would ask that in making your decisions in this area, consideration be given to the time spent in preparation, expenses incurred, the people they counsel, the time they spend in your area and the time needed for follow up work.


We have found that the easiest system all round is for Graham and Wanda to arrange their own travel obtaining the cheapest fares possible. They will purchase the fares then forward you the invoice to make repayment into their account. You can claim these fares as your expenses and of course reclaim your G.S.T this way.


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