About Graham


In 1985 the church leaders at the Orwell St. Church invited Graham and Wanda Ashby to develop an itinerant evangelistic ministry that would be based in Oamaru, but could extend to where the Lord would have it grow.

Since that time, Graham's style and strengths have become widely used in many churches throughout New Zealand and overseas. He now preaches in Australia and Northern Ireland between his New Zealand commitments.

We are confident that the Lord will continue to use Graham's ministry among many in a mighty way, if together we seek the Lord now and ask Him to be present in your preparations as well as Graham's messages.

We join you in prayer as you reach out to your community, asking the Lord that many among your friends, family and neighbours will discover the life changing experience of encountering Jesus.
Graham is available on invitation, to speak at your church, seminars, camps, schools etc.

If you would like to make contact please don't hesitate to email his organizing committee.



Graham Ashby is well known throughout New Zealand as an Evangelist who has a balanced view of Scripture and a passion for the church and it's outreach. Graham lives in Oamaru and has a full-time ministry in association with the Orwell St Church there. Although some of his time is spent working locally in equipping his home church through preaching and Bible teaching, his main ministry involves public evangelism in New Zealand and overseas.

Many evangelical churches have a genuine desire to reach out effectively to their communities, and because Graham has the unique ability to communicate to all age groups and adapt to all occasions, the demands for his ministry are considerable. He has an easy, friendly way with people and relates well to those of all ages and circumstances. His messages are interesting and often spiced with humour, yet always direct and penetrating.

The motivation for his evangelistic ministry comes from a sincere conviction and concern for all those who do not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. He will present his listeners with the challenge and the reality of God, and of the lifestyle of faith that should characterize those who claim Christ as their King.

Graham has a strong commitment to uphold the family and to encourage the purpose of marriage, in particular by empowering and supporting men to be men.


Graham grew up in the multi-cultural suburb of Otara (South) Auckland, NZ, in a solo parent home. His first introduction to Christianity came when he joined a Boys Rally group and it was mostly through the love, concern and help of those Rally leaders that Graham became a Christian at the age of 13, while attending a Billy Graham Crusade meeting. Later the family moved to Oamaru and it was here that Graham was introduced to the local Christian Church family.

At the age of 18 doctors diagnosed Graham as having a malignant cancer, an event which ultimately proved to be the turning point in his life. Faced with only six months to live and with the reality of death, he was brought to his knees before the Lord. There on the floor of the old Dunedin hospital he turned his life entirely over to God. After radical and major surgery, now more than 37 years ago, he continues with the commitment made that day to serve his Lord. Graham & Wanda Ashby have been in Evangelistic Ministry for over 30 years now.

Between 1984 - 1986 they worked at Totara Springs Christian Centre, New Zealand's premier Christian Camping Site.

Since 1986 they have been associated with the Orwell St. Church, working full-time as travelling Ministers by preaching and teaching to all denominations in New Zealand and overseas.

Graham's record as a graduate of the N.Z Assembly Bible School (Auckland), Totara Springs Christian Centre (Theological Student) and the Moody Bible Institute (Chicago U.S.A) is an indication of his deep desire to know and to communicate the Bible's message to the people of today.

In 2014 Graham completed his studies with Massey University to gain a Certificate in Counselling.

Since 2015, Graham has been a Board member of the Christian Community Churches of New Zealand. His ongoing involvement within this growing network of churches is because he is committed to growing the unity of these churches while ensuring the Gospel message remains their highest priority.


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"Graham has proven himself in so many ways to be utterly reliable, a man of the Word with a heart for evangelism and the evangelical church"

"Graham is a gifted communicator with a fervent desire to preach the Gospel"

"I can not recommend Graham highly enough. Hear him once and you will ask him to speak again"

"Graham's messages are always challenging and inspiring"

"Of outstanding commendation are his people skills and his way with words, people feelings and emotions and with their reality, where his communication skills with adult and child are so evident"

"Graham's own story continues to bear powerful witness to the accepting and transforming grace of Christ"