Revised Nicky Print Story

At the end of April 1992, I had just arrived in our driveway after travelling home from being a speaker at a conference in Tawa, Wellington. I was barely out of the car when Wanda came rushing out, burst into tears and said, “Nicky Print has been in a serious car accident and is in Dunedin Hospital.”

Nicky graduated as a Speech-language Therapist and came to Oamaru to work at the Oamaru North School with their specialist teaching unit. She was one happy, sparkly young lady, in her early twenties, who immediately made friends with whomever she met. She loved people and inspired everyone. She had become an essential leader in our youth group and had excellent acceptance with the young girls in the group. Her spirited personality was infectious and her godly character was genuinely sincere.

I got right back into the car and headed to Dunedin. Nicky’s parents were already at the hospital. Nicky’s condition was listed as critical. We were praying for a miracle. I sat with them, not saying much, just being there for them. The miracle never came and sadly Nicky died.

Sometime later, we learned Nicky’s family desired a memorial Trust be established to remember the positivity and hope that Nicky brought to so many lives. Consequently, the Nicky Print Trust was formed so an ongoing fund could help young people for years to come. It pleases me to know that gifts from the Nicky Print Trust have continued to influence and assist many young people to grow their leadership skills over the years. Nicky’s legacy continues to inspire future generations.


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