Recommended Reading

These books are well worth your time and study. They are excellent reading and we recommend them all for your learning.
  1. The Bible
  2. Who is this man by John Ortberg
  3. The trellis and the vine by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne
  4. The Pursuit of God by A. W. Tozer
  5. Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis
  6. Things To Come by Dr Dwight Pentecost
  7. The Body by Charles Colsen
  8. Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald
  9. You Can Make A Difference by Tony Compolo
  10. Biblical Eldership by Alexander Strauch
  11. The Gospel According To Jesus by John MacArthur
  12. The Jesus I Never Knew by Philip Yancey
  13. Finishing Strong by Steve Farrar
  14. The Five Love Languages by Dr Gary Chapman
  15. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  16. A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson
  17. Bible & Treaty by Keith Newman (New Zealand History)
  18. Apostle of Love by Robert Chapman


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