Released in April 2021, Graham's autobiography can be ordered here. It's tells the fascinating story of how a boy from arguably one of New Zealand's worst suburbs would grow and develop into a respected community leader and who continues to leave his mark on many lives today.

Through a number of dramatic changes in location, health and situations, Graham has stayed true to a promise he made to his Lord. His story is well worth the read and hard to put down. The reader will be carried into humorous, honest, deep and touching moments that reveal how Graham has been shaped through the adversities of life.

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'The Big C' tells the personal story of Graham's encounter with cancer. It is written tenderly and openly explains how his faith enabled him to cope with the life-changing surgery and recovery. This well presented pamphlet is an excellent tool you can give to people who may be experiencing a similar situation and journey. To request copies at $2 each, please email -


The 'PATH TO LIFE' booklet was written to help children enquiring about salvation. The booklet simply and clearly shows the Biblical steps to believing and trusting the Lord Jesus to be their Saviour. Additionally, it includes the important steps to growing as a Christian. The 18-page booklet is beautifully illustrated and is an excellent tool for counsellors. In a positive and unexpected development, Path To Life is also being used in a number of prisons. To order your copies at $2 each, please email -


The Every Boy’s and Every Girl’s Rally movement has been one of the most prolific Christian community youth outreaches over the last 75 years. From its humble inception it grew to become an international phenomenon. The aim from countless leaders was to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to thousands of children around the globe. God blessed their vibrant efforts and on every continent lives were changed, families received hope, communities were united, and countries were enhanced.

This brief history recognizes the committed men and women who boldly and tirelessly gave their energies to the vision and purpose of the Rally movement. Their story must never be forgotten. Their selfless acts demand our attention. Their example stirs our responsibilities. Their legacy challenges our future.

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A copy of RALLY PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE can be purchased from the author by emailing him. Cost is $15 per copy, or if ordering ten copies of more, $10 each. Postage included.

This book is also available as an E-Book. Go to and search for Graham Ashby.


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